My husband snores so loud our neighbors can hear him. I’ve heard dentists can help with that – can you?

Sleep Apnea

Waking up the neighbors is definitely loud enough to be of concern. 

Snoring is annoying, but it can also be dangerous. Snoring is one of the tell-tale signs of sleep apnea – the condition that causes one to stop breathing for 10 – 30 seconds up to 400 times during the course of the night. This not only causes morning grumpiness, but also has been linked to severe health problems including heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, heart failure, and even how well (or not so well) your brain works. Overall, people suffering from untreated sleep apnea are 7 times more at risk of getting in a car wreck and 6 times more at risk of death from all causes, irrespective of any other illnesses.

Fortunately, public awareness of sleep apnea is growing and people are choosing not to live with its dangerous consequences. Dr. Rosen has been trained by the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine in the placement of dental sleep appliances that can help relieve the condition and provide more restful, healthy sleep.

Dr. Rosen feels so strongly that knowledge and action can improve and even save lives that he is offering a no-cost individual 30 minute consultation on the subject of sleep breathing disorders, whether it’s you or your partner’s really loud snoring, or sleep apnea. Schedule a visit for you or someone you love today by calling 831-424-0881.

Summertime should be a time to catch up on your rest and with minimal cost and intervention you could potentially energize and extend your life, increase your productivity at work, and best of all, earn the undying gratitude of your sleeping partner.