Meet the Hygienists and Staff

The staff at our practice is what elevates the experience you will have here from excellent to truly exceptional. You will soon notice how well we all work together, with skill and humor. And, you will always see a familiar face on your return visits, as we’ve been fortunate to have the help and friendship of these great people for many years.


Dagmar, Registered Dental Assistant Extended Function
If you think you’re in good physical shape, prepare to be humbled. Just ask Dagmar how many marathons/triathlons she’s completed. Or about the time she traversed the Austrian Alps on foot with her husband to escape the Iron Curtain and Russia’s occupation of her country.  She applies this same drive to her work and is one of the few Registered Dental Assistant Extended Function assistants in the state, having trained at the UC, San Francisco, thus qualifying her for duties ordinarily reserved for dentists. Luckily for all of us, Dagmar’s dental skills surpass even her athletic skills.


Andresen_30 Gabby, Dental Assistant, Front Office
Gabby takes immense pride in her work and her ability to help out in both and front and back office earn her special points in our integrated office. The genuine and obvious care she has for patients and staff, (not to mention her megawatt smile) are sure to please when you walk in the door. She is always ready and willing to help, whether it be making an appointment, navigating insurance mazes, or just making you feel comfortable. We are also lucky enough to have her daughter Finlee as one of our littlest (and cutest) patients!


Kathee, Registered Dental Hygienist
Kathee is our repeat winner of The Most Gentle Touch of the Year award, as her hygiene patients will tell you.  We see first-time patients trembling going in to see her, only to come out singing her praises. She’s raised five boys, including a set of triplets, and she’s still got the gentle touch. She genuinely loves people, and demonstrates it daily by her interest in your story. We’ve been lucky enough to be able to have her as part of our story for 30+ years.



MaryJane, Registered Dental Hygienist
Mary Jane’s fascination with teeth began when she got braces. Very soon thereafter, at age 14, she entered the ROP Dental Assisting Program and was assisting Dr. A at 17. Unable to tear herself away from Dr. A’s ridiculous singing and the inspiring work ethic of the entire office staff, she’s now an accomplished hygienist who is passionate about her work, always learning new techniques and ways to encourage her patients to care for their teeth. She finds much gratification in her work, but also gets her kicks singing and dancing the moonwalk to Michael Jackson albums.


Nancy F., Registered Dental Assistant
Nancy is a true ROP (Regional Occupational Program) success story. Managing the multiple demands of a dental assistant is daunting for anyone. Serving in this role directly after high school even more so, but Nancy excelled from the start.  With her at your side during your visit, you will get first-hand experience of her excellent care. Now, she and her husband, Ricardo, have two young boys who frequent our office, and, thanks to Nancy, do great during their dental visits.


Pamela, Registered Dental Hygienist
Pam will tell you that what has kept her at her job at Salinas Dental Health for over 25 years is the unique mix of artistic skill and fun-loving attitude that the doctors bring to their work. Pam’s open heart and quick laugh will make you feel at home instantly. Her sweet nature has also earned her the title of ‘resident cat lady’ as she tends to resident strays and spends her off time helping with local cat rescue efforts. She’s also our resident foodie and if you prove yourself worthy with excellent dental health, she’ll reward you with one of her mouth-wateringly delicious and healthy recipes.


Veronica, Dental Assistant, Front Office
Veronica is another powerhouse front office superwoman.  She shows Dr. A how to use Facetime so he can see his granddaughter when he calls (she wins a lot of points with that one); trouble-shoots computer hang-ups; charms patients with her winning smile and disarming laugh; and, in general, impresses us at every turn with her unprecedented competence.  She has two kids (boy and girl) that have, obviously, been influenced by a great Mom.  They’re polite, helpful, and have a sense of humor beyond their years.  Wow, how did we get so lucky to find her?


Nicole, Dental Assistant
Luck brought Nicole to Salinas Dental Health. When Dr. Rosen was on the verge of hiring a different assistant, Nicole called looking for any openings. She and Dr. Rosen spoke on the phone and the rest was kismet! Nicole is Dr. Rosen’s Registered Dental Assistant with Extended Functions 2 (RDF2), which means she can do handstands while also cementing crowns, placing fillings, and telling jokes. You’ll have to make an appointment to see for yourself if it’s true. Nicole’s loves how SDH feels like a big family  – an extension of her own made up of her husband and son and her son’s fur siblings – 4 cats and two dogs.


Camera Shy Staff

Anita, Registered Dental Assistant, Front Office
It’s not likely you’ll see Anita when you come in to the office. She works from home, the road, the bleachers, the dance studio, or wherever her kids happen to take her. Anita keeps our accounts current with a smile as she holds the phone in one hand and a spoonful of cough syrup in the other. We’ve known Anita since she came to work for us as a young dental assistant right out of high school. What was true then is true now. Any job she takes on, she does with intelligence, sound judgment and seemingly inexhaustible energy.

Kristin, Registered Dental Hygienist
Kristin joined Salinas Dental Health because it is, as she says, the one practice where the quality of the dentistry is exceeded only by the quality of the dentists as individuals. She is a big part of making Salinas Dental Health a practice of such caliber – her sky-high standards for giving you the best information about your particular dental circumstances will undoubtedly teach you something and keep you coming back. Kristin is also our resident horticulturist – bring a plant to your appointment, and try to stump Kristin for its identification.

Nancy Q., Registered Dental Assistant
Nancy is our resident Dancing with Stars stand-out. Put on the right music, and hold on, because you are in for some fun. She is our all-around assistant, helping everyone accomplish fine dentistry, and, every now and then, throwing in a little Tango. She has two great kids, Shawn and Claudia, and a grandson. Fluent in Spanish, English and Kindness, ask Nancy to tell you how cute her grandbaby is in Spanish – it’s guaranteed to make you melt even if you don’t understand a word. When you come in, you’ll see what we mean.


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