My friends tell me Invisalign can correct my wonky tooth. I’m looking for work though and don’t want to look weird. Is Invisalign really invisible?

Invisalign_On_teethInvisalign benefitsWe have seen great success at treating a number of orthodontic issues with Invisalign. Though we can’t be too sure of what exactly a ‘wonky’ tooth is, it seems likely that Invisalign would be a good option. We always offer free smile consultations so you can schedule a visit and we can tell you for sure.

As for how invisible the aligners are, we’ve pasted a few examples of people wearing them here and you can tell that while you may be able to see them under close inspection, they are very difficult to notice in a regular, say job interview, interaction. They won’t impact the way you speak or otherwise impinge upon your appearance or behavior. In fact, getting your teeth straightened just might get you the job!

According to an article on MarketWatch, “Findings back up the negative judgments about people with crooked teeth; Two in five Americans would not go on a second date with someone who has crooked teeth and more than half believe someone with crooked teeth would be less likely to land a job when competing with someone who has a similar skill set and experience. ”

Good luck in your search and hope to see you in the office soon!