Why Choose Salinas Dental Health?

Here are some of the reasons why patients keep coming back…

  • Have you seen our work? Take a look at our Reconstructive Dentistry work and our Cosmetic Dentistry work.
  • Have you seen our reviews? Or our reviews on Yelp?
  • Dr. Andresen is nationally recognized as a Top Dentist and Dr. Rosen is a nationally accredited Dental Sleep Medicine provider.
  • We’re never rushed and we take the time to make sure you are comfortable and have had all of your questions answered.
  • We never do unnecessary procedures.
  • We help you maneuver insurance mazes and set up payment plans.
  • We’re on call 24/7 to make sure you can see one of us right away if you are in pain.
  • We are a multi-doctor, multi-hygienst office so your whole family can receive a check-up at the same time and be done in an hour as opposed to multiple days.
  • We’re so gentle you won’t even know the procedure happened.
  • We do meticulous work meant to last.
  • We have an in-house lab technician…Well, technically, he’s right next door, but he’s here in-office when we need to improve a crown shade or contour.  He’s part of our family and his skill will be apparent in your final result.
  • Dr Rosen speaks Spanish, as do several of the staff.
  • Dagmar speaks Czech for those of you who know how to spell Czech.
  • Mary Jane speaks some Tagalog for those who like being greeted so.
  • Dr Andresen pretends to speak Spanish, Czech, and Tagalog, which is funny.
  • We all understand the grunts and gestures you do when we have both hands, plus cotton rolls, etc. in your mouth.
  • We have a mind towards reducing our footprint on the planet and have introduced a number of waste-reduction strategies.