Reconstructive Dentistry


Reconstructive dentistry is the practice or process of reconstructing a person’s teeth, gums, jaw or any combination of these in an otherwise normal mouth. Reconstructive dentistry is more extensive than cosmetic dentistry and can be conducted for cosmetic or medical reasons. Many reconstructive processes require creating a prosthetic tooth by inserting an implant into the jawbone. Treatments can include:

Implants » Dental implants are made of titanium and are surgically inserted into the bone of the jaw. They will then fuse directly with the bone and provide a highly stable base for the insertion of a prosthetic tooth. They provide the most natural and comfortable way to replace a lost or damaged tooth.

TMJ Treatment » TMJ syndrome is caused by the misalignment of the temporalmadibular joint that connects the upper and lower jaw, resulting in pain to the jaw, face, and sometimes neck and shoulders. The underlying cause of each case is unique and we take great care in assessing the course of treatment for each individual. For some, the cause may be stress-related jaw clenching. For others it may be an uneven bite.