Is there a way to enjoy my Halloween candy without completely sabotaging my dental health?

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Here’s a scary Halloween fact for grown-ups and kids alike: Eating candy can directly contribute to tooth decay and cavities. That’s because the bacteria that live inside your mouth use sugar to create acids that can severely damage… Read More

What are some healthy kid treats for summer?

6 HEALTHY FROZEN TREATS FOR SUMMER School’s almost out, the weather’s heating up, and your kids are craving those icy treats. Since a diet of ice cream and milkshakes isn’t what the dentist ordered, here are some suggestions… Read More

How often should I get dental x-rays?

Question: I’ve heard I need to do a new x-ray every year. Is that right?   Dr. A Says: The common refrain of ‘once a year’ is wrong, wrong, wrong. The frequency of x-rays depends largely on your personal… Read More

How do I choose a toothpaste?

Tips For Toothpaste Buying So often we go to the store looking for toothpaste and find ourselves overwhelmed by all those red and blue boxes promising things like whitening! minty fresh! kills plaque! The question is, what actually… Read More