I have a front tooth locked behind my other teeth. Can you make it look better?

Of course, we have to see the tooth to determine how best to fix it, but, in general, a front tooth locked behind another requires some type of orthodontic correction.  We can often correct such a condition here with Invisalign, a series of clear, almost invisible tooth aligners. Sometimes, such a tooth can be corrected with a bonded plastic, or a bonded porcelain veneer.  Again, we need to see the condition to determine the best option.

How can I schedule dental appointments for my large family?

large family

We have many large families in our dental practice, and with school, activities, work, etc, it is a scheduling nightmare for dental appointments.  If that sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place.  We have up to 4 hygienists working each day, so if you all need check-up dental appointments and cleanings, you can schedule with different hygienists and your family of four will be finished with your appointments in just one hour.  Contrast that with a single hygienist office, where it might take 4 hours one day, or even multiple days to complete the line up of check-ups.  Many families take advantage of this, but many others have their favorite hygienist, and prefer to have her see the entire family.

I’m 88 years old, and you recommended an implant to replace a key tooth. Isn’t that too expensive for my age?

We see older patients all the time who are active and vital and still want to look good. If, for instance, you lose a front tooth, an implant is the best way to restore the tooth, because the alternative is to make a permanent bridge by grinding adjacent teeth, or having a removable bridge made. The implant/crown option isn’t too much more expensive than a fixed bridge, and you haven’t had to have adjacent teeth drilled down. An implant functions just like your own tooth, and is the most comfortable, aesthetic choice you can make. A surgeon places the implant, and then we can place the restoring crown once the implant is ready. Also, implants can also be placed to hold full or partial dentures securely. We have payment options that can allow no interest payments for extended periods. These payment options are available for any dental work performed in our office.