My tooth hurts when I drink something cold. Why?

If eating your favorite frozen yogurt or sipping a cup of ice water makes your tooth hurt, or if brushing or flossing occasionally makes your eyes twitch, you may have what is known as tooth sensitivity. When the tooth’s hard enamel wears down or gums recede, the microscopic tubes that lead directly to the tooth’s nerve are exposed and cause discomfort when you chew, drink hot or cold liquids, or even when you breathe through your mouth.

Possible causes of sensitive teeth range from tarter control toothpastes or tooth whitening agents to gum disease and tooth decay. One of the most common causes is acid exposure on teeth from the consumption of soft drinks, candy, cough drops, sports drinks, and sour candies, all of which can eat away at the protective tooth enamel. The good news is that sensitive teeth are very treatable.

Your free smile checkup when your tooth hurts
At no charge, we will give you a quick exam to determine the likely cause of your tooth sensitivity and best solution for your unique situation. We pride ourselves in assessing the best course treatment for each of our patients and avoiding unnecessary procedures. You can request an appointment online or call us at 831-424-0881. Be sure to let us know you are coming in to check a tooth sensitivity.

What we do to ease the hurt
Since there are many causes of tooth sensitivity, it is wise to have it checked by us to ensure there are no serious concerns, such as decay or a tooth with a crack. Decay may require a restoration, such as a crown. A cracked tooth may require a crown to be fixed, but if the hypersensitivity is severe, persistent, and cannot be treated by other means, a root canal may be recommended. Thankfully, the most common causes can be treated by simple measures you can do at home.