My gums have always bled when I brush. Couldn’t that be normal for me?

Any bleeding from your gums is a sign of infection.  Maybe you’ve had some gum infection from the time you were younger, and has been present for so long, it seems normal.  The easiest comparison would be for your scalp to bleed when you brushed your hair.  We all know that’s not normal, but your gums are a form of skin just as is your scalp.

The good news is that gum infection is often easy enough to fix, and we can show you how to get back to normal, healthy gums with various cleaning techniques you can do at home.  Even if you have been a regular dental flosser, you may still have gum disease.  Flossing doesn’t guarantee healthy gums, so there are other effective ways to prevent disease, or cure the infection that may be present.

We assess the health of your gums and suggest the most efficacious way for you to have healthy gums.  Some gum infections have been present so long that serious damage may have occurred, including bone loss around the roots.  Bleeding gums can eventually lead to tooth loss, so early diagnosis is critical to its prevention.  Gum infection, as indicated by bleeding gums, is implicated in cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, and  various other medical conditions,  Again, we will inform you of your state of dental health, and if wanting, will show the way to good dental health.

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