Make Brushing Fun

Salinas-Dentist-Children-Dental-HealthFebruary is National Children’s Dental Health Month

It’s the perfect time to start teaching your kids about great brushing habits that will last a lifetime. It’s also an excellent opportunity for parents themselves to learn more about the paramount importance of good dental hygiene. For example, did you know?


  • Children in the U.S. miss more than 51 million hours of school every year due to dental issues.
  • Tooth decay – while entirely preventable- is the most common chronic disease in children.
  • About 17 million children go without dental care each year.

And since maintaining optimal dental health all begins with proper brushing here are five great tips on how to make taking care of those peepers fun for you and your little ones!


Get a Fun Toothbrush
Get your child a cool toothbrush that he or she is excited to try. You may be able to do the same with toothpaste too, depending on what your child likes. There are plenty of children’s toothbrushes out there made to look like Disney characters, race cars, dinosaurs, and more. Let your kid come with you to the store to pick out his or her toothbrush.

Make a Game out of Brushing Teeth
Remember that little line from Mary Poppins? “In every job that must be done there is an element of fun. Find the fun and *snap*, the job’s a game!”  A simple “I wonder if I can brush my teeth better than you” might get your kid amped to try!

Set up a Rewards System
We’re not suggesting that you pay your child to brush his teeth. However, you might set up some sort of rewards system that directly connects to dental care. Maybe your child will get to stay an extra 30 minutes if he brushes his teeth and takes a bath before bed. Maybe 30 days of constant brushing will lead to some sort of big prize. The reward itself is entirely up to you, but try to come up with an incentive for your child to strive for.

Turn Tooth Brushing into a Story                      
Have you heard? The evil plaque monsters are invading Smile Kingdom, and the only way to get rid of them is to use the powerful Brushomatic 9000. Sounds like fun, right? All it takes is a little story line like that to get your kids to see dental care in a new light. It’s not just good oral hygiene – it’s an action adventure film brought to life.

Brush Your Teeth at the Same Time         
When all else fails, make an effort to lead by example. Show your children that brushing their teeth is a key component to a healthy life. Your kids naturally want to be like you, so you might as well take advantage of that. Spend some quality time with your children and show them the benefits of a bright, healthy smile.

Schedule regular cleanings at the dentist!
Along with practicing great oral hygiene at home be sure to take your kids to the dentist for regular check-ups and cleanings, insuring they’ll always be proud of their radiant smiles! Call us whenever you’d like at 831-424-0881 or schedule online!